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Welcome to my world of stories. I have been writing since I was a kid and haven’t stopped since. Storytelling is one of my main passions and I’m proud to be part of that ancient tradition. I want only to entertain, to bring alive characters and worlds and engage readers with my narratives. Zari and the Citadel is my latest book and first foray into Fantasy. I hope you enjoy!


Zari didn’t know about the war her father started or that her mother vanished hours after her birth. She didn’t know the places she dreamed of were real Realms. And she couldn’t have imagined that the ancient art of Realmwalking was still being taught at the Citadel by the same people her father rebelled against.

Zari grows up in New York. One day a mysterious woman leads her to the Citadel, a place filled with wonders and mysteries. There, Zari starts her journey to become a Realmwalker and soon faces the same temptation for knowledge that drove her father to declare war on the Citadel’s founders. Zari must decide what kind of Realmwalker she wants to become as she forges friendships and confronts enemies.

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